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Exciting Year at Original Springs Hotel
News Update


It has been a most exciting year at The Original Springs Hotel. A dream for the last 14 years is finally beginning to be realized. On February 1, 2004, we began Phase 1 of a multi-phased renovation project on the entire complex of The Original Springs. We began by taking a section of rooms in the original hotel building that have not been utilized in the last 12 years. These rooms were basically sleeping quarters with a commode and small sink put into a closet.


We used as much of the original material as possible, taking much time and care to choose replacements when required. We used push button light switches in the rooms - like the one in the main lobby. Cabinetry was hand made by local craftsmen. Pedestal sinks were chosen for some of the rooms. Carpet chosen is a historic, floral vintage. Lighting fixtures were hand picked to reflect the fixtures of yesteryear. We also have combined some modern conveniences - microwave, refrigerator & coffee maker. A wonderful painter applied her fantastic talent. Each suite is individually decorated. Oh my goodness - the suites are grand!

Phase 1 - Room Renovations

While in Phase 1 we also began Phase 2 - Geothermal ! This is an ongoing phase - operating at this time and being expanded as other Phases are begun. I do not understand all the technical stuff - that's why we have the heating & cooling guys. Don has tried to explain it to me, I just believe him when he tells me it will be better than the way we have done it in the past. I will be happy to relinquish baby sitting the boiler so we can do mineral baths. I've just about run out of sweet things to say to encourage the boiler a few more times.

Phase 3 - Restaurant Renovations has now officially begun

We recently put a new top and front on the restaurant bar. Previously during room renovations we also added new handicapped accessible restrooms near the main dining room (accessible using the ramp in the game room). These restrooms also are equipped with baby changing stations one in the ladies room and one in the men's room (check the cool border). October 25-27, 2004, we had new carpet and Nafco Tile installed in the Boiler Room Restaurant. We also took the paneling that was around the pillars - exposing the original white pillars. I do believe the dining room is even prettier than it was before.

In the spa we are installing a Finnleo Infrared Room in the Women's Side and Men's Side. The Finnleo Infrared room provides soothing heat, directly radiated to the body. The far-infrared radiant heat induces a deep sweat - for cleansing and detoxifying the body (good for burning calories too). Ideal for treating muscle strain and tension, induces deep relaxation too. Use the heat room before or after your massage - relaxing!

Future Constuction Projects are: (These are in no particular order....)

I have to tell you about this room we found while we were doing some work. It is located under the front lobby, accessible only through the kitchen. A storage area we had been using for as long as I can remember had a brick walll on the north end of the room. Last Winter we had a cold snap and we were getting a lot of very cold air in the kitchen. Don began investigating where it was coming from and located a room we were not even aware was there. The opening to the room was covered by a piece of wood, we never found the need for additional things to do so we never pried it open. The piece of wood had fallen and that was how we got the cold air in the kitchen (it was quite frigid at times). While Don had it open to make his repair he looked inside at the deep hole that was there. It was lined with a concrete substance and angled downward. (I have since been told it was a fire reservoir - put in after the first hotel burned to the ground in 1892.) Don showed me the room and then covered the opening. Later, after renovations began, I was telling Don we had some storage issues happening because the current restaurant storage area was going to be invaded with Phase 2 - Geothermal . Don told the contractor about the room - we were going to now make an additional storage area. It was quite interesting watching the construction crew jack hammer that wall out of there - soft brick, really hard concrete! Now we have a truly fantastic storage area, I don't kow how we ever made it before.

I want to give credit where credit is due:

Come see our improvements - it just keeps getting better & better! A heartfelt Thank You for you continued support - we truly appreciate it!

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